Wolfsberg -An unexpected find.

Vienna to Wolfsberg

Distance: 166 miles

Duration: 2 hrs 30 minutes

I must admit, I have never heard of Wolfsberg until the night we planned on going there. We were only looking for a place to spend the night until we continue on to Venice, Italy. While looking for a place to stay in Wolfsberg, I came across many nice accomodations in Airbnb but they are in Slovenia. Wolfsberg is very close to Austria’s border to Slovenia. We then settled for a hilltop hotel from Booking.com with free breakfast. Sometimes, you may find a cheaper accomodation in Airbnb but if you consider that you will get free breakfast for a slightly more expensive hotel, then you may end up with a cheaper deal. This three star hotel or gasthof in german seems to be popular to bikers. We were greeted by an old German-speaking lady and eventhough she didn’t speak a word in english and we could not speak in German, we were able to get by and check- in with ease. After spending two nights putting up with the noise of the busy streets in Vienna, it was nice to be outside of hearing distance of passing cars.

There aren’t many information online about Wolfsberg apart from a few lines in Wikipedia that says that it is the capital of Carinthia and is located in the Lavanttal Alps. One of the things I love about road trip is discovering little towns that are not widely known to foreign travellers. In this trip, Wolfsberg is one of those amazing places that we discovered while traveling. What I found more surprising is that it seems to be well built for holiday makers with many shops and restaurants in town. We arrived late in the afternoon so if there were a lot of tourists during the day they must have left at that time. I thought maybe this place is popular to the local travellers.





Probably the main attraction in Wolfsberg is the castle. Also called Schloss Henckel – Donnersmarck, it was already closed by the time we got there but the ground was still open. You can drive up to the castle but we also saw some people hiking up from the town.




We strolled around town with its quaint little street and architectures.




One of the things I like to do when travelling is to check out the supermarket. Its a good way of discovering local produce and a cheaper way of finding fresh quality food instead of eating out in fast food restaurants. As expected, the supermarket is full of different kinds of sausages. We stockpiled on water and snacks to take on our drive to Italy.



It was a treat staying in Wolfsberg. We didn’t expect to see a built-up but quaint little town and there are probably more to see in there but for us, one day is enough as we left Austria to travel to Italy.





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